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Why use a mortgage adviser?

“We will manage the mortgage process on your behalf, from start to completion, to help you secure your dream of home ownership.”Drew Somerston, Mortgage Adviser

When looking for a mortgage, it’s vital to get the very best advice so you can make the right decision. Securing the ideal mortgage product can transform your financial life, so the help of one of LDN Finance’s experienced mortgage advisers is invaluable. We’ve put together a quick guide on why you should use a mortgage adviser.

Find the best deal for you

With access to the whole of the market, you can be sure that our expert team of mortgage advisers will find the right loan for you. Your mortgage repayments are based on factors such as your income, any existing debts, and your spending habits. Your dedicated adviser will present these factors to lenders to find you the most suitable deal for your needs.

Our advisers are financial specialists, with comprehensive knowledge of the mortgage market and will take the time to completely understand your situation before finding you the ideal mortgage.

Understand all the costs

Our advisers sit with you to gain complete insight into your finances, making sure that you can afford a mortgage and that your chosen price range for a property is feasible. You’ll gain an important understanding of all the costs associated with your mortgage, beyond the monthly payments and interest rate.

Save time and money

You’ll also enjoy the whole process being faster in general, with the majority of the leg work taken care of. Searching the market, comparing the available deals, making note of the different interest rates and charges, and helping complete the paperwork will save you both time and money.

Regular reviews of your situation

Regularly reviewing your mortgage arrangements is essential to ensure it remains appropriate for your current circumstances, especially as mortgage products typically last for two or five years, at which point they jump onto the much higher, lender standard variable rate. However, doing this can be tricky to keep on top of along with everything else you need to focus on.

Our advisers will maintain an ongoing relationship with you throughout your product term, to help ensure you always have the most suitable mortgage in place for your personal and financial needs.

Find the perfect fit with the help of LDN Finance

At LDN Finance, our experienced advisers are always on hand to assist with different types of mortgages, whether you’re a first-time buyer, remortgaging, looking for a buy to let mortgage, and more. Get in touch with us today and we will assign you your mortgage adviser who will then guide you through the entire mortgage and house-buying process.

Your mortgage adviser and support team will ensure that you understand all aspects of the transaction, receive regular updates throughout the journey and make certain that things run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. If you have any questions about the points raised in this article, about mortgage adviser costs, or about getting started looking for a mortgage with our help, enquire here today.