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Life cover is designed to pay out a lump sum to your loved ones in the event of your premature death, leaving them vulnerable and unable to cope financially. At LDNfinance, our experienced advisers can listen to your unique personal and financial circumstances before reviewing the insurance market for the most suitable term life insurance or non-investment whole of life assurance policy.

Life insurance policies can be invaluable to individuals with a partner, children or any other dependents that rely on your income or those taking out a mortgage. Whether you have recently married, have young children, or are nearing retirement but still have dependents to support, life cover can help you safeguard your family should the worst happen.

Your life cover needs, and the term cover that may be required, can vary and depends on your unique circumstances. Your personal needs, and the term and amount of cover you require. This can be discussed at length with your nominated LDNfinance adviser who is well versed in securing life cover for individuals at various stages of life. The maximum length is, understandably, the length of your entire life, and ‘Whole of Life’ policies will do just that. Other ‘Level or Fixed Term’ policies, are designed to pay out a specific sum in the event of death within a fixed term of years. Mortgage Protection policies are designed to pay off a household mortgage in the event of death before the end of the mortgage term. In addition, many other options are either automatically included, or can be bolted on, at an extra monthly cost, to cover factors such as indexation against inflation, mortgage interest rate changes, permanent and total disability, or ‘waiver’ of your monthly premiums in the event of ill health.

Flexible life insurance cover from many of the UK’s most reputable insurers

The way you structure your life cover can usually be adjusted over time. It is important to reassess your life insurance needs on regular basis. Many of our insurers and underwriters offer policies have add-ons that will permit automatic changes, often free from any further underwriting, should your life circumstances change. Subject to the terms of your policy, and your health at the time, you may have the freedom to increase your cover or purchase additional policies, with guidance from your dedicated LDNfinance adviser.

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Let’s discuss your unique personal and financial circumstances and arrange bespoke life insurance cover that helps you plan for the unexpected.

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