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Whether you want to improve your current mortgage interest rate, review your options due to your existing mortgage expiring, consolidate debt or raise capital for home improvements, you can trust LDN Finance’s mortgage advisers to find a suitable remortgaging lending option for you.


We pride ourselves on offering an outstanding service for clients looking to remortgage.

If you’re not sure where to begin your search, securing the perfect remortgage deal for your needs can be just as difficult as arranging a standard purchase mortgage. Whether you’re looking to refinance onto a more favourable rate, release equity for other investments or you’ve simply had a change in personal circumstances that would benefit from a remortgage, LDN Finance is best placed to assist.

No matter the complexity of your scenario, our expert brokers are on hand to help. We have a proven track record when it comes to securing the very best remortgage rates and facilities for our valued clients. Our many years of experience in this space mean we are committed to assessing your situation in full, negotiating on your behalf with our extensive panel of trusted lenders and ensuring you feel in control at every stage of the process to achieve your ideal outcome.

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Service excellence is at the heart of our business. We are renowned for our highly personal and bespoke approach to securing property finance for our clients, ensuring you feel in control and confident throughout your investment journey.



We thrive in complex, challenging scenarios and work creatively in our negotiations with our trusted network of mainstream, private and specialist lenders to ensure we always secure the best possible outcome for your circumstances.



We mean it when we say we see you as a valued partner. Our relationship with you is important to us and our team will continue to serve as your personal property adviser long after your first deal with us is completed and over the line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is remortgaging a good idea?

There are several benefits to remortgaging your property. You can potentially save thousands of pounds through remortgaging, as well as securing a better deal on your mortgage rate. Remortgaging is important, especially if you are coming to the end of a fixed-rate mortgage and are concerned about interest rate rises, or would like to avoid the variable costs that can occur with an SVR (Standard variable rate) mortgage.

When should you remortgage?

You would typically look to remortgage at the expiry of your existing mortgage product, especially if you took a fixed rate mortgage out. If you are looking to save money on your mortgage payments then remortgaging every two or five years can be a useful strategy, depending on your existing mortgage product. However, it is important to consider the type of mortgage product you apply for as well as the likelihood of fee increases or early repayment charges if remortgaging before your fixed rate ends.

At LDN Finance we advise you look at your remortgage options 6 months before your mortgage end date. That allows enough time for rates to be locked in and reduced if the rate on your product is lowered.

It could be that you are looking to remortgage to release some equity. If your existing property is unencumbered, there are no timeframe restrictions on when you can look into this.

How does remortgaging work?

When you remortgage your property, you essentially pay off an existing mortgage (if applicable) with the proceeds of a new one. You can switch to a more beneficial deal under remortgaging and move to a new lender if to ensure you get the best option for your circumstances. To find out more about remortgaging with LDN Finance, get in touch with us here.

Secure your remortgage with LDN Finance

Not only do we provide considered and appropriate mortgage advice, our property finance professionals will continue to work with you to ensure you always have a suitable mortgage for your personal and financial situation.

It is important to regularly review your mortgage arrangements to ensure they are as appropriate and efficient as possible for your unique circumstances. Many of our clients are so focused on their day-to-day jobs that they simply don’t have the time to think about what type of mortgage might be suitable for them. LDN Finance’s mortgage advisers have impeccable knowledge of the UK’s remortgage market and can work on your behalf to find the most suitable remortgage deal for your needs.

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Your trusted remortgage partner

Your LDN Finance remortgage broker can manage the entire remortgage process for you. We understand that when it comes to remortgaging, time is often of the essence. That’s why we ensure we work with you to prepare the necessary documentation and information that lenders require upfront, to make the decision process as swift and efficient as possible.

We’ll sit down with you to work out what is financially achievable, any potential savings that can be found and lock in the most appropriate new mortgage deal for you. We commit to researching a comprehensive range of lenders, ranging from mainstream to specialist finance lenders, to find the most suitable solution. We’ll compare these products with the deals available with your current mortgage lender to ensure you get the best possible outcome for your future.

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Excellent and outstanding professional service from start to finish. From offering as many options as possible, to explaining to me very quickly what the benefits are and what I should really be thinking about moving forward. Thoroughly recommend.

Mr. M

July 2021

5 Stars! The LDN team supported us purchasing our family home, without their support and as an expat it would have been very difficult to obtain our new home in the UK. I would totally recommended them.

Mr. S

August 2021

Johnny Martin held our hands through the entire process calmly and professionally. Brilliant service, efficient and swift in response to everything. He made the entire journey uncomplicated even when the bank made it complicated. Highly recommended.

Mr. H

July 2021

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