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Tracker Mortgages

A tracker mortgage is a product that “tracks” the Bank of England base rate, typically at a set margin above this base rate, and therefore does not commit you to a fixed payment each month. Tracker rates can potentially offer a lower initial rate and monthly payment than a fixed rate. They can also often offer increased flexibility in terms of overpayments and early repayment penalties. LDN Finance’s experienced mortgage advisers will take the time to understand your situation and needs, thoroughly explaining the details of this option to ensure it’s right for you.

Offset Mortgages

At LDN Finance, we are experienced experts in arranging tracker mortgages for our valued clients.

Unlike fixed-rate mortgages, a tracker mortgage’s interest rate is set by the Bank of England base rate. Therefore, the monthly payment you make to a lender may change month on month. For some clients, this provides greater flexibility however, it does also mean that if interest rates rise, so does the amount you pay out.

Suitable for those looking to purchase a new property or remortgaging, you can choose a tracker mortgage for fixed amount of time and set number of years. When it comes to an end, clients can then decide to switch over to a new tracker, or fixed rate mortgage depending on their circumstance.

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Tracker mortgages with LDN Finance

Tracker mortgages can be a great option in the right situation as they have the potential to help homeowners save a significant amount of money. Some lenders may also offer clients the opportunity to make overpayments which can appeal to certain types of clients, for example those in receipt of bonuses etc.

If you’re looking for professional advice regarding your mortgage options, then we are here to help. You’ll receive outstanding service from a multi-award-winning team, speaking with experienced advisers to work out which option is the most sensible for you and your situation.

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Who is a tracker mortgage suitable for?

Most tracker mortgages are taken out by clients who are remortgaging, however new house buyers are also taking advantage of these products. They can be a good solution when fixed interest rates are high, however speaking to a brokerage with whole-of-market access is a great way to identify the most suitable product for your situation.

LDN Finance are here to help. Be it residential mortgages, commercial mortgages or bridging and development finance, our award-winning service excellence will ensure you receive bespoke advice, designed especially for you.

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