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At LDNfinance, our experienced advisers will listen to your unique personal and financial circumstances before reviewing the insurance market to find the most suitable private medical insurance plan.



We specialise in arranging private medical insurance for our valued clients.

Private medical insurance gives you and your family access to some of the best medical facilities throughout the UK. Private health insurance can cover the cost of private medical treatment in the event of illness or injury after you take out the policy.

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How can LDNfinance help?

There are a great range of private medical insurance plans available on the market today, many of which offer different protection and benefits. If you need help finding and arranging the right plan for your needs, our LDNfinance advisers can secure a range of quotes from our broad network of partners and insurers based on your needs and medical history.

Your nominated LDNfinance adviser will work with dedication to help you find a private medical insurance plan that works for you. We will sit down and work through the possible illnesses, injuries, conditions and medical treatments you would prefer to have included in your policy. If you’re looking for a plan to cover pre-existing medical conditions, your LDNfinance adviser can find out if that would be possible, and by how much (if applicable) it would increase your premiums. Equipped with all the necessary information you will then be able to decide which private medical insurance plan best suits your needs and budget.

Arrange individual or family private healthcare policies with LDNfinance

Depending on your unique personal circumstances, you may decide to arrange your own individual private medical insurance policy or a single family private medical insurance plan to cover your partner and any dependents. Private medical insurance could provide you and your family faster access to consultations, tests and treatments than that available on the NHS, with a wide range of clinics and hospitals to choose from, as close to your home as possible.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the whole process, our LDNfinance advisers can assist you every step of the way. From the answers you provide concerning your general health, any pre-existing conditions and your lifestyle, your nominated LDNfinance adviser will be able to quickly create a picture of what you are looking for, and will find a suitable plan for you from insurers from across the whole of market. Armed with all the necessary details of a private medical insurance plan that suits your needs, you will then be able to make an informed decision on how to proceed.

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Let’s discuss your unique personal and financial circumstances and arrange bespoke private medical insurance that helps you plan for the unexpected.

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