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Pre-Planning Bridging Finance is one of our specialist areas at LDNfinance, due largely to the number of experienced developers we have nurtured relationships with. Our well-connected and experienced brokers can secure funding for up to 100% of the purchase price of a proposed site without planning permission, depending on the location, profit, term, your development experience and various other factors.

With developers seeking to maximise their profit on every deal, in a constantly changing property market, the focus has shifted to acquiring residential and commercial development sites on an unconditional basis without planning permission. Our specialist finance brokers focus firmly on various factors including; the speed, service, fees and interest rate of the funding to ensure the cost of obtaining finance is minimised for all our developer clients.

If your property development strategy is to sell a site once planning permission is granted, or to complete the project yourself and maximise the available profit, LDNfinance can help arrange a funding package that meets your bespoke requirements. In some cases where the developer has a site without planning permission and the strategy is to secure planning permission, build then sell, we can arrange a land loan until planning is approved and then convert the loan to development finance. As we are not switching lenders, it speeds up and simplifies the process and has the considerable benefit of avoiding duplication of arrangement, legal and valuation fees.

Let LDNfinance simplify the purchase of sites without planning consent with pre-planning bridging finance

In all cases, where appropriate, your nominated LDNfinance broker will endeavour to advise you in arranging an exit strategy from your bridging loan. We’ll look to transfer you to a more cost-efficient long-term funding solution with the same specialist or private lender.

In some instances, where a developer does not have planning permission on a site and the strategy is to obtain planning permission, build and then sell, our brokers can arrange a land loan until planning is approved. Our network of agile lenders enables us to easily convert these loans into fully-fledged development finance. As we don’t switch lenders at this stage, it accelerates and simplifies the lending process, avoiding the unwanted duplication of arrangement, legal and valuation fees.

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Let’s discuss your next exciting development opportunity at the pre-planning stage and arrange a bespoke bridging finance solution that works on your terms.

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