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At LDNfinance, our experienced advisers will listen to your unique personal and financial circumstances before reviewing the insurance market for the best possible income protection policy.



At LDNfinance, we specialise in arranging income protection policies for our valued clients.

According to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), one million British people are forced to quit work due to a serious illness or injury every year. Income protection insurance can give you and your family an important financial buffer to help cover your lifestyle and outgoings, i.e. your mortgage repayments, if you cannot live off savings or any sick pay the government, or your employer may provide.

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Find the ideal income protection policy to suit your needs with LDNfinance

Whether you’re sick or physically impaired and cannot work, income protection insurance is designed to cover as much of your lost earnings as possible, thus allowing you to focus on your health without the added worry of your income. Some income protection policies can also be used as a vital safety net in the event of involuntarily being made redundant and struggling to secure new employment.

Income protection policies require a monthly premium to remain active and will (subject to policy specific terms) only pay out in the event of illness, accident or unemployment forcing you out of work. These pay-outs are tax-free and designed to help you maintain your existing standard of living, including covering bills such as mortgage or loan repayments, utility bills etc.

Your LDNfinance adviser will work with you to find a suitable income protection policy that offers the most comprehensive protection in line with your specific demands and needs.

Short and long-term income protection insurance from many of the UK’s most reputable insurers

There are two main types of income protection policies you can choose, based on your requirements. Short term income protection is designed to pay out for a fixed term of up to 12 months. Meanwhile, long-term income protection is geared towards providing a tax-free regular income, typically after a certain waiting period, until you are able to return to work or retire through ill-health.

You have a number of options which will all affect the premium payable, such as, until what age you want to be protected, the waiting period before benefits are paid, and whether you wish the benefit payable paid to be indexed annually to offset inflation. With so many different income protection products available in the market, each offering a range of benefits, it’s important to enlist the services of a dedicated LDNfinance adviser to find insurers that are prepared to offer the protection you need.

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