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Key person insurance is designed to maintain the stability and value of your company in the event of the unfortunate death, permanent disability or critical illness of a key member of personnel, paid for by the business with the benefits being paid to the company.



Are you a business owner looking to safeguard the future stability of your company against the loss of key personnel? We’re here to help.

Losing an integral member of your business to a critical illness or death can hit your team hard, potentially affecting the day-to-day running of your business. As such, it is vital that you consider key person insurance to protect your company from the unfortunate loss of a key colleague with a specialist skill set.

Your nominated LDNfinance adviser will take the time to understand the makeup of your business in its entirety, before considering your company’s unique financial circumstances and clearly explaining all of the key person insurance options available to you.

To discuss your key person protection requirements in more detail, get in contact with our professional protection team today.


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Protect your key personnel with LDNfinance

At LDNfinance, our highly experienced and knowledgeable advisers have helped many risk averse businesses mitigate unforeseen circumstances such as the critical illness or passing of a key individual. Losing a key person such as a CEO or managing director who was the driving force behind of the business could be very hard, if not impossible, to recover from without the right insurance plan in place.

When it comes to key person insurance, there are a wealth of options available to business owners, including unforeseen death, terminal illness, critical illness and permanent disability. Your key employees are among your biggest assets and a comprehensive key person insurance policy can cover the cost of recruiting and training replacements or temporary staff during the interim and repay outstanding bank loans.

Key person insurance that provides internal and external clarity

In the event that a key person were to suddenly die or become incapacitated or critically ill, key person insurance can help compensate your business. The benefits could be used to support the business until they can recruit talent with the requisite specialist skills and expertise that was lost. It can also help to ease concerns of colleagues by injecting additional capital into the business to protect profits when morale might be at its lowest. Furthermore, if your business is seeking outside investment in the short or medium term, key person insurance may be a necessity for venture capitalists prior to committing to an investment deal.

At LDNfinance, we can advise you on the most suitable key person insurance protection to protect your business against the loss of directors, managers or employees with unique skills and knowledge.

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Let’s discuss your business’ unique circumstances and arrange bespoke key person insurance that helps you to plan for the unexpected.

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