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How would your household cope if it was to lose a regular monthly salary? Mortgages, rent and utility bills need paying regardless of what goes on in your life. Family income benefit is designed to pay out a regular monthly income to you or your family if you pass away or are diagnosed with a terminal illness within the term of your policy.



At LDNfinance, we excel in arranging the perfect family income benefit policies for our clients.

At LDNfinance, our experienced advisers will sit down with you to fully understand your personal requirements and financial situation, before scouring the market for the most suitable family income benefit policy to suit your needs.

To discuss your scenario in more detail, get in touch with our professional protection team today. We’re ready and waiting to give you and your family peace of mind.


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How can LDNfinance help?

At LDNfinance, our experienced advisers will listen to your unique personal and financial circumstances before reviewing the insurance market for the most suitable family income benefit policy, in line with your demands and needs. If you have a young family, family income benefit may be a suitable option to provide a financial safeguard for your household in the event of a sudden loss of income.

How does family income benefit work? Let’s say for example that your family income benefit policy was taken out for 25 years. If you were to die ten years into your policy, your loved ones will receive a regular income for the remaining 15 years of the policy. Family income benefit differs from other ‘term life’ insurance policies as it pays out a monthly income rather than a cash lump sum.

Family income benefit that guarantees a fixed, tax-free monthly income

For many families, a regular tax-free income will be seen as more beneficial and simpler than a one-off payment to secure their immediate financial future in the event of the bread winner’s passing. There is no need for them to worry about investing a lump sum to yield an ongoing income. This may support your family as they focus on trying to come to terms with your death and getting their lives back on track.

The monthly cost of your family income benefit premium will depend on your unique circumstances, and will take into account various factors including your age, health and occupation, and whether you want any add-ons to provide greater protection, such as waiver of premium in the event of sickness, or to index any benefits paid out each year, to protect against the cost of inflation. Your nominated LDNfinance adviser will sit down with you to understand the level of cover you need and how many years the policy should run for. They will then work with absolute dedication to find a suitable family income benefit plan that safeguards your family’s financial future with an ongoing income.

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Let’s discuss your unique personal and financial circumstances and arrange a bespoke family income benefit plan that helps you plan for the unexpected.

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