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Contractor Mortgage

Whether you are working freelance, through an umbrella company or you are the director of your own limited company, at LDN Finance we have access to lenders who take a common-sense approach to underwriting mortgage applications from contractors.

Contractor Mortgage

When it comes to securing bespoke property finance products for contractors at market-leading rates, we’ve got you covered.

As a contractor, you will already be aware the securing a mortgage is a little more difficult than if you were fully employed. While your contracting career offers great flexibility and independence, it can also mean that many lenders can struggle to take a view on your circumstances due to the complexity and changing nature of your income profile. However, as the self-employed, contract and freelance economy continues to grow rapidly in the UK, there’s no need to despair – there are many property finance lenders out there who are willing to lend to you.

At LDN Finance, we have a proven track record when it comes to securing fantastic contractor mortgage solutions for our clients. We will work closely with you, your accountant and solicitor, to gain a full picture of your earnings and income profile in order to best present your case to our vast network of lenders and satisfy any stringent affordability checks. Your personal LDN Finance adviser will also help you to strengthen your case along the way, finding creative and flexible ways for you to better evidence your income security and gather all of the documentation you may need.

To discuss your contractor mortgage and circumstances in more detail, get in contact with our expert team today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to get a mortgage as a contractor?

Yes, it is possible to apply for a mortgage if you are in a contractor or in a freelancer role. However, the criteria for applying for a mortgage may vary between lenders. Learn more about applying for a contractor mortgage with LDN Finance here.

How to get a mortgage as a contractor?

To apply for a mortgage as a contractor your employment will either need to be classified as self-employed, sub-contractor, agency worker, fixed-term with previous contacts, working for an umbrella company or in a professional field. You will also need to provide proof of income for a given period to apply.

Can you get a mortgage as a contractor inside IR35?

As a contractor inside IR35 you can get a mortgage, but your choice of lenders is likely to be limited. In some cases, mortgage lenders have not yet confirmed their criteria for contractors inside IR35.

Since the legislation was introduced, some lenders have changed their criteria requirements. New or first-time contractors have found it harder to achieve lenders affordability criteria when compared to established professionals. However, those who trade as a limited company have not seen their affordability change dramatically.

What happens if your contract is coming to an end?

Typically, lenders will expect your contract to still have between 6-12 months remaining when submitting a mortgage application. If your contract is expiring sooner, speak with an LDN Finance adviser about how to present additional information to a lender.

Market-leading contractor mortgages with LDN Finance

Contractors often present a more complex challenge when arranging property finance, but that is where our proven property finance professionals excel. Your dedicated LDN Finance mortgage adviser will take the time to understand the way you work as an independent professional. This enables our team to ascertain the best way to present your income to mortgage lenders.

In some cases, this could mean working from your ‘daily rate’ rather than the more traditional representations of earnings. Consequently, this means that your LDN Finance mortgage adviser can access mortgage products from some of the mainstream lenders that often offer the lowest rates and the highest lending capabilities.

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Bespoke mortgage advice for contractors and independent professionals

Traditionally, contractors have faced a struggle obtaining property finance. They have previously fallen foul of the strict lending criteria of high-street banks and building societies. Today, our mortgage advisers take great pleasure in being able to assist our contractor clients in obtaining bespoke mortgage products.

We do so thanks largely to our network of lenders and underwriters that bypass the traditional means of income assessment, reviewing your personal income on an individual basis. At LDN Finance, we believe independent professionals like you deserve a residential mortgage partner you can trust. Our mortgage advisers are dedicated to negotiating hard on your behalf to secure property finance that works on your unique terms.

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Johnny Martin held our hands through the entire process calmly and professionally. Brilliant service, efficient and swift in response to everything. He made the entire journey uncomplicated even when the bank made it complicated. Highly recommended.

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