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If you’re in the market for fast, efficient and convenient senior stretched debt development finance, you’ve come to the right place. Our expert advisers are specialists in the field. Let’s get started.



At LDNfinance, our expertise, market knowledge and specialist network of lenders mean that we can secure the best terms for your stretched debt development finance, up to 90% loan to cost or 75% GDV.

At LDNfinance, we appreciate that getting a high return on your equity is important, but so is simplicity and speed.

Our stretched debt development finance solutions are ideal for developers looking to put down a small percentage of equity and have a single set of legal and valuation fees.

To find out how we can help your project succeed, contact our professional specialist finance team today.


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How can LDNfinance help?

Typically, stretched senior debt development finance offers higher leverage than regular development finance. At LDNfinance, our panel of family offices, specialist funds and private lenders are prepared to offer stretched senior finance to experienced, proven developers working on projects with attractive profit-on-cost ratios. Our dedicated development finance brokers have nurtured long-term relationships with Stretched Debt Development Finance lenders that can offer bespoke, market leading rates in the fastest possible timescales.

Stretched senior debt development funding tends to be available up to 90% loan to cost (LTC) or 75% of a project’s gross development value (GDV). This is ideal for developers looking to conclude multiple projects at once and, unsurprisingly, demand has never been higher.

Fast, efficient and convenient senior stretch finance brokered by LDNfinance

Your dedicated LDNfinance broker can work with you to avoid the additional time and effort of the senior and mezzanine finance lenders agreeing complex and confusing inter-creditor agreements or doubling-up on documentation. If you have an exciting development opportunity and you’re keen to stretch your debt finance, our brokers can sit down with you to work out a bespoke solution that works for your unique financial circumstances.

Your LDNfinance broker will offer a discrete, personal service and will work with you to prepare all of the necessary paperwork. This will ensure the application process is straightforward and enable carefully selected prospective lenders to make swift decisions. Ultimately, a stretched debt development loan can help keep your development project moving and give you greater financial clout to see it through to the end.

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