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Whether you’re seeking a joint critical illness policy for you and your partner, as well as any additional features that cover your children, your experienced LDNfinance adviser will work to find a suitable plan that ticks the necessary boxes for today and the future.



Secure yourself and your family some peace of mind by arranging your critical illness cover with LDNfinance.

Critical illnesses can be diagnosed at any stage of life, turning lives upside down. If your family relies on your income, critical illness cover can safeguard you and your loved ones with financial support when you’re too ill to work or unable to carry out other roles you may play. This could be vital to ensure living costs can be met, or your mortgage or medical expenses can be paid, at a time when you may have no income or little savings to rely on.

At LDNfinance, our experienced advisers can listen to your unique personal and financial circumstances before scouring our network of insurers and underwriters for the most suitable critical illness plan.


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Why do you need critical illness cover?

Securing the right level of critical illness cover for you and your family can provide much needed peace of mind. It ensures that your money worries will be taken care of in the event of being diagnosed with a serious, life threatening condition and are forced to stop working. A critical illness plan typically pays out a lump sum upon diagnosis within the policy’s term. The pay-out is typically tax free and can be used for living costs, to offset your medical expenses or pay down/off your mortgage.

Your nominated LDNfinance adviser will sit down with you to discuss your needs to help inform the right level of cover you need. You will need to decide upon the types of critical illness conditions you want your policy to cover, and how many years you want the policy to cover you for.

Your LDNfinance adviser will work with absolute dedication to recommend a suitable critical illness plan that offers the most comprehensive protection in line with your demands and needs for the most competitive price.

Flexible critical illness cover from many of the UK’s most reputable insurers

Critical illness cover differs from life cover in that it only pays out when you are diagnosed with a critical condition listed within your policy. Meanwhile life insurance is only designed to pay out when you pass away, and some also pay out in the event of total and permanent disability. However, life insurance will not pay out in the event of critical illness, unless paid for initially as an add-on. Many individuals live for many years after a critical illness strikes, but without a suitable policy in place, may not be able to provide for their ongoing financial needs.

When taking out a critical illness policy, the matter of pre-existing and hereditary medical conditions will be looked upon differently from insurer to insurer, so it’s important to enlist the services of a trustworthy LDNfinance adviser to find insurers that are prepared to offer the most suitable critical illness protection for your demands and needs.

It’s also worth noting that it may also be possible for your LDNfinance adviser to incorporate critical illness protection within your existing life insurance policy.

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Let’s discuss your unique personal and financial circumstances and arrange bespoke critical illness cover that helps you plan for the unexpected.

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