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Are you an existing client of LDNfinance? Get more expert property finance advice on your existing mortgage from your nominated LDNfinance mortgage adviser at any time.



When we say that we are your partner in property finance, we mean it.

Once the keys are in your hand, our commitment to you doesn’t end there. At LDNfinance, we’re not in the business of impersonal service. Our relationship with you is important to us and our team will continue to serve as your personal property adviser long after your first deal with us is completed.

To discuss your existing mortgage in more detail or to let us know about a new property finance project you have in mind, get in contact with our expert team today.


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Service excellence for our valued clients is at the heart of our business

At LDNfinance, our experienced mortgage advisers boast an unparalleled dedication to providing exceptional customer service. We’re committed to offering continued mortgage advice and support for our existing clients as well as our new clients. Whether your financial circumstances have recently changed, your existing mortgage deal is nearing expiry or you’re thinking of buying a second property as a long-term investment, let us help you put your best foot forward.

Paying your mortgage is one of life’s biggest financial commitments. It’s therefore important to have all the information you need when it comes to mortgage repayments. You might be wondering if it’s possible to overpay your current monthly repayment figure, or you might be struggling to meet the minimum monthly repayments. Either way, your dedicated LDNfinance mortgage adviser can talk through your queries and find a way to help.

Understand all of the property finance options available to you

If one of our mortgage advisers arranged a mortgage on your behalf, you are eligible for confidential advice on your property finance circumstances. We can help you find the most appropriate  mortgage deals with your current lender, port an existing mortgage to a new property, or secure a more suitable mortgage product, tailored to your new personal and financial situation.

Even if you are simply considering carrying out home improvements or some much-needed repairs, your LDNfinance adviser can provide you with all your available options to fund such projects. You might wish to borrow more in addition to your existing mortgage, or we may advise that you remortgage to another lender. Your trusted LDNfinance adviser will assess your options and work with you to plan the best way forward.

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Have your personal finances changed? As an existing LDNfinance client, we’re here to suggest a property finance solution tailored to you.

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