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At LDNfinance, our experienced, well-connected advisers regularly help individuals and businesses alike with securing bespoke protection solutions designed to offer short and long-term financial security for individuals and their loved ones.

It’s impossible to know what lies around the corner in life. If you are an individual that is looking to plan for the future and insure against the risks of things not going to plan with your health or career, your nominated LDNfinance adviser can recommend suitable personal insurance that covers everything and everyone important to you. Whether you are looking for critical illness cover, redundancy cover or one of the many other personal protection products offered, your LDNfinance adviser will listen to your unique personal and financial circumstances to tailor a personal protection policy that secures your immediate financial future.



We also advise business owners on selecting which business protection insurance plans they may need, whilst educating them on the financial risks and pitfalls of running a business, from an insurance perspective.

For employers looking to gain a competitive advantage and retain top talent in their organisation, your nominated LDNfinance adviser can also review the insurance market to build a bespoke employee benefits scheme.

As we have whole of market access, we are able to research health disclosures with all insurers to ensure you get the best terms. For example, if you suffer with illnesses such as diabetes, pre-existing medical conditions or high BMI, we can make sure you get access to the best premium available.

If you are also seeking advice in relation to your inheritance tax liabilities, our advisers can connect you to tax advisers with the know-how to offer highly qualified trust and tax advice to safeguard your estate and or beneficiaries.

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