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Foreign National Mortgages

At LDN Finance, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to arranging foreign national mortgages. Our expert brokers have strong relationships with an extensive network of trusted private banks, specialist lenders, and professional advisers to help our international clients navigate this complex space.

Foreign National Mortgages

Are you a non-UK resident looking to invest in property in the UK? You’ve come to the right place.

London and the UK as a whole attract investors from all over the world. The UK offers a huge array of benefits for those looking to purchase property overseas, such as first-class educational institutions for their children, a rich and diverse quality of life and a prosperous property market. As a result, many of our foreign national clients look to acquire property in the UK as a second home, a place for their children to live whilst studying or even to make the move and live in full-time.

Due to a highly saturated and fragmented market, as well as the strict criteria of traditional lenders, many foreign nationals can find it difficult to access the property finance they need without the right advice. That’s where we can help. Our brokers do the hard work for you and are dedicated to making the market more transparent for our international clientele by navigating eligibility criteria, time zones, and language barriers to ensure you have choice and control through every step of the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a foreign national get a mortgage in the UK?

Yes, you can apply for a foreign national mortgage in the UK if you are a permanent resident or have a corresponding visa. Foreign national mortgages are similar to standard mortgages, but some are designed specifically for those who work or live in the UK but are not UK citizens. To find out more about applying for the foreign national mortgages with LDN Finance, get in touch with us here.

Can a non-UK resident get a buy-to-let mortgage?

Yes, there are several offshore lenders that can offer mortgages to non-UK residents. However, you must apply for a loan and provide details such as proof of income, employment status and the source of funds you plan to use for the property and mortgage.

Speaking to an LDN Finance adviser will help you to understand your options.

Can people on visa get a mortgage in the UK?

Yes, people living in the UK on a visa can get a mortgage. The options available depend on the type of visa you have and the criteria of the mortgage you are applying for. Applying for a mortgage on a visa is often subject to stricter criteria and eligibility, and each type of visa will have different requirements and options available.

Mortgages for non-UK residents and foreign nationals

While the UK property market has long been an attractive investment for international buyers, securing foreign national mortgages can be a highly complex proposition. Interest rates can be high, background checks stringent and deposits are likely to be much larger than those required of UK residents. As such, finding the right specialist foreign national mortgage broker to negotiate the best possible terms on your behalf is paramount.

Our professional team has many years of experience arranging mortgages for foreign nationals. We take a holistic approach to understanding your circumstances in their entirety, no matter how complex your background may be, before presenting our trusted network of private and specialist banks with your case. Our close relationships with these lenders ensure that you will not only receive the best rates for your individual circumstances but that you will receive a smooth, bespoke, and tailored service throughout the process.

Working alongside the rest of your professional outfit – from accountants to solicitors – your personal adviser will present your case to our trusted network of private banks and specialist lenders in the best possible light. Once in possession of your whole story, your lender will take a holistic view on your complete wealth and asset profile and a tailored approach to your case.

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Can a foreign national get a mortgage in the UK?

In short, yes. Naturally, however, in order to purchase a property in the UK, you will need to apply for a loan. Foreign nationals, whether they already reside in the UK or not, can legally apply for borrowing but this does not mean the process is an easy one.

With factors such as foreign income, location, and even language as a barrier, many foreign nationals find they have many hurdles to overcome in this complex area of property finance. At LDN Finance, our team are experts when it comes to arranging mortgages for non-UK residents.

We act as your partner in property finance, providing only the most personal of services to ensure we understand your situation, your goals, and your ambitions. This one-on-one tailored service allows us to work tirelessly on your behalf to both exceed your expectations and secure a bespoke solution to best suit your requirements.

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July 2021

5 Stars! The LDN team supported us purchasing our family home, without their support and as an expat it would have been very difficult to obtain our new home in the UK. I would totally recommended them.

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August 2021

Johnny Martin held our hands through the entire process calmly and professionally. Brilliant service, efficient and swift in response to everything. He made the entire journey uncomplicated even when the bank made it complicated. Highly recommended.

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July 2021

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