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At LDNfinance, we can secure fast, bespoke and highly competitive rates for auction bridging finance. Our brokers can help you raise up to 80% loan to value (LTV) depending on the property in question and up to 100% LTV depending your unique financial circumstances. For those targeting lower leverage, we can also secure rates below 4% depending on circumstances.

If you have pinpointed a residential or commercial property that you wish to purchase at a property auction and want the security and confidence the finance will be available in time for your commitment completion date, then auction bridging finance could be the perfect solution.

Our well-connected brokers have a proven track record in obtaining finance in advance of property auctions from our preferred panel of family offices, specialist funds and private lenders with the agility to fund the initial purchase of residential, buy to let, commercial and industrial properties, as well as plots of land. We may also be able to assist with those who have adverse credit and county court judgements (CCJs) in obtaining credit.

Time is of the essence when buying at auction

Although buying residential and commercial property at auction can be an exciting experience, it is also fraught with stress and uncertainty. Typically, property investors are required to pay for any property bought at auction outright within 28 working days. Within this timeframe you will have to ensure your finance is secured, ready for completion. Auction bridging finance is the ideal stop-gap to help you cover the non-refundable deposit and allow you to focus on securing a mortgage tailored to your future plans for the property.

If you are up against the clock when buying property at auction, it’s imperative that you contact us at the earliest opportunity. Our trust-based relationships with niche and private lenders can help you obtain the most appropriate bridging finance in time for the day of the auction.

Enquire now Why LDNfinance

Let’s discuss your next property investment opportunity at auction and arrange a bespoke auction bridging finance solution that works on your terms.

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