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At LDNfinance, our experienced, highly professional advisers can listen to your unique personal and financial circumstances before researching the insurance market for the best possible non-investment whole of life cover to suit your needs.



We excel in arranging non-investment whole of life cover that’s right for you.

Non-investment whole of life insurance policies are designed to pay out a fixed lump sum to your loved ones, whenever you pass away. This differs from level term life insurance which only runs for a specified number of years, after which no benefit is paid. Whole of life policies are active for the rest of your life, providing you maintain your monthly premiums.

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Arrange non-investment whole of life cover with LDNfinance

If you are weighing up whether a whole of life insurance plan is right for you and your family, it’s a good idea to seek professional advice from one of our LDNfinance advisers. We’ll discuss your life insurance options with you, including any exclusions or limitations of specific policies, so that you and your loved ones have complete peace of mind. This could be to ensure that you leave a lump sum on death to loved ones or to help pay an inheritance tax liability.

It may also be possible to place your whole of life policy within a trust, with a nominated trustee legally responsible for distributing the pay-out to your beneficiaries when the time is right.

Non-investment whole of life insurance is available from many of the UK’s most reputable insurers

At LDNfinance, we have access to the whole if the market allowing your nominated LDNfinance adviser to arrange a tailored whole of life policy that meets your financial and emotional needs.

Whole of life policies give families the option of planning for possible inheritance tax liabilities (IHT) within their estate. Offering fixed and guaranteed premiums can offer peace of mind as there is no investment element and clients will understand what they have to pay for within the term of the plan. When written in trust, this will also be distributed outside of the estate and is a highly tax efficient option.

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Let’s discuss your unique personal and financial circumstances and arrange bespoke whole of life cover that helps you plan for the unexpected.

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