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The assessment criteria for self-employed professionals varies greatly from lender to lender in the UK mortgage market. Our mortgage advisers fully understand the complexity in underwriting a mortgage for a self-employed client and can help negotiate the right deal for you.

At LDNfinance, we work with a broad spectrum of self-employed clients, ranging from directors of well-established limited companies through to professionals commencing their freelance careers.

Our experienced and personable mortgage advisers take the time to develop a deep understanding of the financial position of our self-employed clients. They will often work alongside our clients’ accountants to ensure that all necessary financial information is accurate and complete. This ensures swift and decisive approvals from our network of self-employed mortgage lenders and keeps things moving for our clients.

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At LDNfinance, our mortgage advisers place great emphasis on our access to an extensive panel of lenders that allows our team to find competitive mortgage products for self-employed professionals. Our network spans mainstream mortgage lenders, through to specialist and alternative lenders that are agile and have an appetite to lend to hard-working individuals.

Whether you are a well-established limited company or a sole trader with only six months’ trading history, our self-employed mortgage advisers have the contacts and the expertise to liaise with lenders that are prepared to assess your mortgage application on its own merits.

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Let’s discuss your financial position and arrange a bespoke mortgage assessed on your self-employed income.

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