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Are you a UK expat searching for property finance in the UK? If you’ve moved abroad and are looking to retain your existing property – or even purchase a new home in advance of your return to the UK – you’ve come to the right mortgage broker.



Working with our extensive network of lenders, LDNfinance is dedicated to providing our expat mortgage clients with the best property finance solutions to suit their circumstances – no matter the complexity.

Arranging a high-value expat mortgage for UK property is naturally more complicated than if you were still residing in the UK. Considering the lending obstacles presented by foreign currency, multi-currency income, tax requirements, and assets such as offshore investments, it’s easy to see why.

At LDNfinance, we understand that mortgages for expats require a bespoke and tailored approach. It all comes down to strong relationships and industry contacts. Our expert brokers have a wealth of experience in securing high-value expat borrowing, working closely with our trusted network of private banks and specialist lenders who offer expat property finance at competitive, market-leading rates.

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Secure your expat mortgage with LDNfinance

If you are a British citizen currently living and working abroad who is looking to buy or remortgage property in the UK, this can have a considerable impact on the availability of UK property finance available to you. Not to mention the added paperwork and checks.

As a result, expats have often found it difficult to navigate the space. After speaking to multiple brokers to assess their options, many UK non-residents are left disappointed by extortionate rates from a limited number of mainstream lenders who are unable to view their circumstances holistically due to inflexible lending criteria. That’s where LDNfinance step in.

Working alongside the rest of your professional outfit – from accountants to solicitors – your personal adviser will present your case to our trusted network of specialist lenders in the best possible light. Once in possession of your whole story, your lender will take a holistic view on your complete wealth and asset profile to satisfy their lending criteria, and a tailored approach to your case.

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How do I get an expat mortgage in the UK?

The majority of mainstream lenders deem mortgages for expats in the UK as ‘non-standard’, and may struggle to work at a speed and time that suits your lifestyle overseas. Specialist lenders and private banks are much more agile in their approach.

For example, specialist banks can assess your wider individual client profile as a whole, considering multiple foreign income streams, worldwide assets, and your overall wealth as evidence of your affordability rather than UK-based income alone.

As such, using an experienced, specialist expat broker such as LDNfinance is crucial. We will work quickly and efficiently on your behalf, bringing our unrivalled knowledge of the expat property finance market, rates, terms and charges to the table. Working with our extensive network of lenders, LDNfinance is dedicated to providing you with the best property finance solutions to suit your circumstances – no matter the complexity.

We believe relationships are key to solving complex cases and expat acquisitions, and so we have worked hard to develop strong bonds with our network, built on trust, to ensure we secure the best possible terms for your circumstances every time.

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Let’s discuss your financial position and arrange a UK expat mortgage to suit your circumstances.

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