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At LDNfinance, our comprehensive network of high-street, specialist and private banks enables us to secure property finance for investment bankers who tend to fall outside a mainstream lender’s conventional lending criteria based on their complex income structures.

Tightening regulation and greater scrutiny from government watchdogs has seen many banks forced to restructure the remuneration of their employees. For many of our investment banker clients, this has meant a rise in basic salary and a reduction in bonus payments, or a switch to a deferred bonus payment structure via stock options.

Our highly-experienced mortgage advisers have an excellent working knowledge of the treatment of bonus income within the mortgage market. We work hard to stay up-to-date with the changing criteria of lenders operating in this field, which means we may be able to improve the borrowing levels and mortgage terms for our investment banker clients.

Proven and professional mortgage advice for investment bankers

At LDNfinance, we understand that the London market moves fast and that our investment banking clients always demand the quickest and the best possible service. Furthermore, we acknowledge that finding and applying for a residential mortgage is an unnecessary distraction from the day job for many of our investment banker clients.

That’s why your dedicated LDNfinance mortgage adviser will work diligently to handle the day-to-day burden of finding and applying for investment banker mortgages based on your unique remuneration structure. We work with total professionalism and efficiency at all times, striving to secure property finance on the most favourable terms for investment bankers throughout London and beyond.

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