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Traditionally, high net worth individuals looking to begin a private banking relationship have been required to place assets under management (AUM) as security against a large loan. However, as the market has become more saturated and competitive, many lenders now offer large mortgages without assets under management – basing applications on the client’s overall profile and not just the deal in question.

Over recent years, private banks and specialist lenders have been forced to react to a changing property finance market. As more mainstream and commercial lenders have begun to enter the high net worth mortgage space and offer loans in excess of £1 million, the private banking sector has had to become more flexible in order to remain competitive. Whilst private banking relationships traditionally relied upon the client placing AUM with the bank (such as cash, stocks, and shares), private banks are now increasingly reducing their asset requirements when offering large loans.

Mortgages without assets under management, also known as ‘dry lending’, is when assets do not need to be transferred to the bank in order to secure a mortgage. Instead, the private bank assesses each client’s affordability by taking their wider wealth, income and asset profile into account – no matter where the assets are held. This enables our expert brokers to present your full financial circumstances to our extensive network of commercial and private banks to secure a large mortgage without assets under management that best suits your requirements.

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How can LDNfinance help to secure mortgages without assets under management?

At LDNfinance, we understand high-value mortgages often require a bespoke and tailored approach where you may wish to have the flexibility of not having to place assets with the lender. We take a holistic approach to understand your circumstances in their entirety, no matter how complex your circumstances may be, before presenting our trusted network of private and specialist banks with your full financial profile.

As this type of lending has become more readily available in correlation with an increasingly competitive market, private banks are keen to maintain long-lasting and trusting relationships with their clients. The beauty of this relationship is that there is no ‘one size fits all’. Our expert brokers have a wealth of experience in securing mortgages without assets under management working closely with our trusted network of private banks and specialist lenders to arrange bespoke mortgage arrangements to suit your circumstances at competitive, market-leading rates. As such, you can expect to receive a much more personal service as opposed to the transactional nature of taking out a conventional mortgage.

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Let’s discuss your financial position and arrange a  mortgage without assets under management to suits your circumstances.

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