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Overseas bridging finance is a fast, efficient short-term funding solution for acquiring residential or commercial property overseas. Overseas bridging loans can be used to provide up to 75% loan to value (LTV) of a property.

At LDNfinance, we have specialist funds and private lenders that have the risk appetite to provide bridging loans on overseas properties. Whether it’s a student accommodation building, an office or a care home, our well-connected brokers can secure the ideal short-term funding solution for your project.

An overseas bridging loan can buy you time to sell an existing property within your portfolio to fund the remaining balance or arrange more traditional finance. Our network of bridging funders allows our brokers to be agile and flexible, based on the needs of our clients. With no maximum age restrictions and even the chance to obtain overseas bridging loans with poor credit histories, we’re here to help when flexibility or speed is the priority.

Let LDNfinance work with you to plan your overseas bridging exit strategy

In all cases, where appropriate, your nominated LDNfinance broker will advise you on arranging a mutually agreeable exit strategy between you and your lender for the overseas bridging loan.

A bespoke overseas bridging loan that works on your terms is one that has an ideal duration, borrowing limits and flexible interest payments. Some of our bridging funders can also offer interest rolled-up, paid off in a single tranche upon the project’s completion, or agree to have the interest serviced monthly. It’s entirely up to you.

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