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MIPIM résumer with LDNfinance

MIPIM has a reputation as an elite networking event and this year was no different. This year’s event saw us arrange meetings with a variety of industry movers and shakers, acting as the catalyst for invaluable business relationships. It was also the perfect place to gauge the wider market sentiment and uncover key property trends.

Representing LDN Finance at the event this year were; our two founding Directors Anthony Rose and Chris Oatway, Colin Anderson; Executive Director, Naomi Greatorex; Protection Director and Nick McLean; Associate Director.

Chris Oatway commented, “For us, MIPIM is about maintaining existing relationships, re-engaging with long-standing contacts and creating new business connections. If you are passionate about property and want to meet and speak with like-minded individuals, there is no better place to be.”

Naomi Greatorex added, “I found the trip to Cannes very successful and extremely useful from an Insurance perspective. Over the four days I met a huge range of people that I feel will be successful future business contacts.”

Throughout the week in Cannes, the official exhibitions and conferences are complimented by a multitude of networking events in the surrounding area. Due to the plethora of networking opportunities each day presented, it was important we organised the week in advance to best schedule our time.

“Pre-planning and booking in appointments were key in preparing for the week. This took months of organisation, especially from Chris Oatway, to put together a seamless agenda” said Anthony Rose. He continued by saying “we shared a team calendar to help coordinate our meeting locations to best utilise transportation and synchronise attendance at certain meetings to get the most out of each event.”

This was the second year that LDN Finance attended the event and there are three key pointers we would recommend to maximise the benefits of the week:

  1. Location
    When researching the areas to stay in Cannes, keep an eye on where the MIPIM program areas are located, as the events are scattered throughout the city. Try find a location to stay which can act as your ‘base’ and is an easy walk to any area you need to be.
  2. Diary
    Pre-book your appointments for the week so you have a general guide of where you need to be and when. The easiest way to do this is to connect with contacts on LinkedIn that posted that they will be attending MIPIM and reach out to them directly.
  3. Next Level Networking
    Even if you have attended numerous numbers of networking events, MIPIM is always on another level. Put your networking hat on and be prepared with suitable attire which allows you to be out all day.

Nick McLean stated, “MIPIM is full of opportunities to meet people in a relaxed environment and be introduced to a range of people you may not have otherwise met. The atmosphere is conducive for friendly and open conversation.”

As MIPIM 2019 has come to a close, it is important to not lose momentum now as we return to London. Colin Anderson said “your post-MIPIM follow-up is extremely important! It is pointless to meet new contacts and then not engage with those contacts afterwards. As such, I have arranged a number of follow-up appointments now we have returned home.”

Some people say that the size of the crowd outside Caffe Roma represents the strength of the property market and if this year showed anything, it is that we can stay pleasantly optimistic. Clearly a level of market uncertainty exists, however there are reasons to be positive as the underlying fundamentals of the UK housing market remain the same, with an undersupply of properties and continued high demand being supported by ultra-low interest rates and government initiatives such as Help to Buy. In addition, the overall UK economic position is strong with government borrowing at its lowest since 2002, and 32.6 million people in work.

Overall, the spirit of collaboration and a welcoming of new ideas amongst the attendees at MIPIM 2019 was great to see and it is clear that there are some large and positive shifts happening in the global property market. As soon as a Brexit decision is made in the UK, the clarity this will provide will hopefully result in more opportunities for developers and development finance lenders as the level of competition and demand increases. We look forward to playing our part in supporting a resurgent UK housing market!