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Women In Finance Charter

In May 2019, we hosted a Women in Finance Charter Briefing and signed the HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter, pledging to ensure gender diversity exists within our leadership team.

As a signatory, we are fully committed to creating a more balanced and fair industry and to engage with other financial service firms to support the progression of women in senior roles. Signing the declaration and committing to 4 topics;

  1. Senior executive accountable for gender diversity
  2. Gender diversity targets in senior management
  3. Senior executive pay linked to gender diversity targets
  4. Publish progress annually against these targets.

Our commitment

As a growing business, we believe in working with people of different backgrounds, cultures and thinking styles to build our understanding and knowledge. A part of this is fostering equality and opportunity for everybody, regardless of gender.

As of May 2019, we are proud to say that we have 50% representation of women in our senior management team. Our target for January 2022 is to hold this percentage of equal representation as we continue to grow.

We look to achieve this by focusing on our recruitment and training; implementing ‘Gender Equality Training’ with our senior management team and management staff to manage unconscious bias, commit to having a fair representation of women on our interview panels when hiring into our management team and implement an annual presentation for the entire office to hear from an external female in a senior management position within financial services for motivation and understanding.
We will also be reviewing our company flexible work policies to better support working parents and actively support industry events and engage with networks supporting the same initiative e.g. ‘She’s On The Money’ events & Women in Finance Awards.