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We specialise in arranging large mortgage loans for our valued clients, as well as million pound-plus mortgages for high net worth individuals. Our experienced advisers have years of experience in arranging borrowing for city professionals such as accountants, solicitors and bankers.



We excel in securing a large mortgages over £1 million for high net worth individuals.

At LDNfinance, we take the time to understand your unique financial situation and your expectations in order to provide a range of funding solutions, tailored to your circumstances. This allows us to add real value to the process of arranging a large mortgage on your behalf.

Liaising with the rest of your professional outfit – from accountants to solicitors – your personal private client adviser will present your case to our trusted network of private banks and specialist lenders in the best possible light. Once in possession of your whole story, your lender will take a holistic view on your complete wealth and asset profile, and a bespoke approach to your case.

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Securing large mortgages with LDNfinance

Whether you are looking to purchase a high-value residential property, remortgage a buy to let, or expand your property portfolio, you may find your options limited on the high street. A private bank is often much better suited to your property finance needs than a mainstream lender.

While high net worth (HNW) individuals may find their borrowing options restricted by the strict eligibility criteria of high street banks, private lenders offer a much more tailored approach. By taking the client’s wider profile into account and offering more competitive rates, private banks present a particularly attractive proposition for those looking for a large loan with more complex circumstances.

Our advisers have access to a comprehensive network of private banks and other specialist lenders. This ensures our HNW clients are achieving the most appropriate borrowing levels and repayment terms. We also have access to high street banks and high street lenders, too. Whether you want to explore interest only mortgages, offset mortgages, or you simply wish to assess the rate possibilities, we are best placed to help you realise your residential property aspirations.

We are dedicated to achieving your aims and objectives. We act as your partner in property finance, providing only the most personal of services to ensure you are in control and confident throughout every stage of your investment journey. 

As well as taking the time to understand your needs and the deal in question, our dedicated advisers want to understand you, we want to know everything about your situation, your goals, and your ambitions. This one-on-one tailored service allows us to work tirelessly on your behalf to both exceed your expectations and secure a bespoke solution to best suit your requirements.

Funding solutions, advice, and support for high net worth individuals

As well as straightforward residential purchases, we specialise in working with self-employed clients and professional clients. We also work with individuals looking to acquire second homes or holiday homes in the UK and overseas. Whatever your personal or financial situation, you can rely on our experienced team to have the expertise and agility to explore your borrowing options for you – no matter the complexity of your case.

Over the years, our expert property finance professionals have developed trusted relationships with influential lenders in the UK property market. Some of these lenders are not available on the high street. Your dedicated adviser will have impeccable knowledge of the rates, charges, and lending criteria imposed by specialist and private large loan lenders to help secure the right deal for you.

Working with a specialist high net worth mortgage broker such as LDNfinance is imperative to ensure you have access to lenders that can cater to your individual circumstances at a competitive rate. Whether you are looking to borrow on an interest only basis, or need to secure borrowing at a high loan to value (LTV), you can trust our appointed representatives to navigate the complex circumstances of your case quickly and efficiently.

With different lending criteria, rates, and charges available on the market from the various lenders who offer large mortgages, it is important that you engage a specialist large loan broker – such as LDNfinance – who can negotiate the right deal for your situation.

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